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Aikiou Hexa Slow Feeder

Aikiou Hexa Slow Feeder

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The Aïkiou Hexa dog slow feeder is perfect for dogs all sizes.  This dog slow feeder is has enough capacity for a full meal.  With ribs large enough for your dogs nose or not too deep so he can reach the bottom with his tongue.

The Hexa dog slow feeder is made of 100% human food grade plastic so it is safe for your pets.  Polypropylene cannot contain BPA or BHT so it was the right choice for this dog feeder.

The Hexa dog slow feeder ribs are just deep enough so that any dog can reach the bottom.  No need to be a large breed dog to use it, your dog will have much more fun eating.

With 6 rubber feets, this feeder shouldn’t move around the floor. Plus, we made the walls thicker so it’s heavier and stronger than any other dog slow feeder.

Dogs should eat at a slower speed to benefit from their meal both mentally and physically.  Eating too fast could cause some issues with your dog going from stomach torsion to basic digestion and as such, the use of a slow feeder is strongly recommended by veterinarians.

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