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Natures Specialties Quick Relief Neem 2oz

Natures Specialties Quick Relief Neem 2oz

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Alternative to Pesticide Shampoo.

A medicated, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial used for relief of Ringworm, Hot Spots, Eczema and Dermatitis.

Great deodorizer for bad skin odors.

Dilutes up to 8:1

A medicated shampoo that provides relief from issues caused by flea and tick infestations while also deodorizing bad skin odors. Trusted by Veterinarians and Groomers to treat numerous difficult skin and coat issues.


Contains: A Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Blend in a Mild Shampoo Base with Neem Oil, Essential Oils, Herbal Oils, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Vitamins A, D, and E. pH Balanced.

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