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The Granville Island Pet Treatery

Lamb Liver - Dehydrated 80g

Lamb Liver - Dehydrated 80g

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Lamb has great palatability and is irresistible to dogs and cats

It's a good source of protein which is one of the most important macronutrients for your dog

Lamb contains the perfect amount of dietry fat and is also good for dogs with allergies

It will provide your four-legged friend with vitamin B, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids

These are perfect training treats for dogs. Can even be broken into smaller pieces

Why choose our Dehydrated Treats?

We only use premium ingredients

Our lamb liver is sourced from New Zealand

We use no other fillers, artificial flavourings or preservatives

Our treats are dehydrated over a long period of time (most for over 20 hours)

Due to the long drying time almost all the moisture is removed allowing the treats to remain in perfect condition for over 2 years

All-natural and lovingly packaged by The Granville Island Pet Treatery.


Crude Protein 75% (min.)

Crude Fat 5% (min.)

Crude Fiber 1% (max.)

Moisture 6% (max.)


Lamb Liver


Calories per 8g treat: 25

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