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House Menagerie Pets

HM Tropical Birds Bandana - No Print

HM Tropical Birds Bandana - No Print

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  • 100%  Pre-washed cotton, single layer, with a rolled hem.
  • Faux leather HOUSE MENAGERIE label
  • BIAS CUT -That means the 'neck side' is cut diagonally for comfort.
  • Hand made in Canada at the time of order.


  • SIZE SMALL: 6-12" - Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Cat
  • SIZE MEDIUM: 12-20" - Husky, Lab, Corgi, Boxer, Poodle
  • SIZE LARGE: 20-26” - St. Bernard, Great Dane, Rottweiler


  • Measure the circumference of your pet’s neck while pet is sitting or standing. Do not measure while pet is laying down. Measure in a relaxed fashion, not tight and not loose.
  • If your dog does not like to be measured, measure its collar instead.
  • Choose according to this measurement.
  • All bandanas tie on and are therefor adjustable.
  • The measurements you see are neck measurements. There is extra room on all bandanas for tying.
  • Bandanas will relax with wear and return to original shape when washed.


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