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Aikiou Interactive Feeder

Aikiou Interactive Feeder

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The Aïkiou dog interactive feeder was the first dog interactive feeder.  Designed in 2008, this dog feeder was the first interactive ever built with enough capacity for a full meal.  With 14 compartments large enough for your dogs nose or not too deep so he can reach the bottom with his tongue.

In nature, dogs devote a large part of their day foraging and searching for their food.  It’s in your dogs nature to search for his food.

Thea Aïkiou feeder has 4 “Toecaps” which slide from one side to the other, giving access to the food hidden underneath.  They can also be reversed to make it more challenging for your dog

This turning wheel gives access to the food hidden underneath by turning and opening the different compartments.  It also has 4 different opening which can be used to block it from turning.

Made out of 100% food grade plastic, this base can hold up to 2.5 cups of food for your dogs delight.  You can fit in a full meal which your dog can enjoy during the whole day.

Dogs should eat at a slower speed to benefit from their meal both mentally and physically.  Eating too fast could cause some issues with your dog going from stomach torsion to basic digestion and as such, the use of an interactive feeder is strongly recommended by veterinarians.

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