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4 Season Paw Wax Natural Protection

4 Season Paw Wax Natural Protection

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Better than uncomfortable easy-to-lose boots, our paw wax offers the comfort, security and well-being your dog deserves! Protect your pooch’s paws all year-round, even in the most extreme weather conditions! Sooths and heals painful dry cracked pads that have been damaged or burnt by the cold, heat, chemicals or rough surfaces.

    • Cruelty-Free & Tested on Humans
    • Non-staining, easy to apply & fast drying
    • With Vitamin E
    • Hand crafted in small batches in Canada
    • Does not contain beeswax
    • Also good to treat hot spots, elbows, ears and snouts
    • Holistic Vet ORGANIC & NON-GMO Plant Based Formulation
    • All season premium shield protection
    • 60g (2oz) comes in a reusable tin can

    Blisters, burns, infections due to extreme cold & heat, ice, salt, calcium chloride, snowballing, hot pavement, burning sand, mud bacteria, dirt, gravel, city pollution & puddles, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, and other chemicals & harsh surfaces.

    Sooths, repairs & moisturizes paws & pads.

    Hand crafted from a proprietary blend of (*Organic) shea butter*, virgin coconut oil*, soy wax, virgin olive oil*, candelilla wax, hemp seed oil*, vitamin E, chamomile essential oil, frankincense essential oil*, peppermint essential oil*.

    Apply to paws before going outside, massaging into pads and up & between toes. Use 2-3 times a week year round for best results. Apply daily in cold or snowy conditions.

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