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Mighty Paw

32" Chew Proof Safety Belt Black

32" Chew Proof Safety Belt Black

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The Mighty Paw Chew Proof Dog Car Safety Belt was created BY dog owners FOR dog owners. Experience for yourself the convenience of knowing your dog is comfortable, safe and secure. It's the ultimate traveling experience for you and your dog.


2.34 mm stainless steel braided wire cable includes 5 bundles of 7 wires for extreme strength – allows it to hold large dogs and resist even the toughest chewers.

Aviation aluminum carabiner holds up to 850 lbs of max force tension and is the same clip that rock climbers trust with their lives.

Belt attaches to your vehicle’s latch bars for added safety.

Your pup is riding in style thanks to our chew-proof pet seat belt. It features an easy to use design that increases safety during a crash, while allowing your attention to remain on the road vs a wandering pup. Unlike comparable dog car seat belts, ours attaches to your vehicle's built-in LATCH bars - the same one used for child car seats.

Just find the anchors in the crease between the seat and back, clip the strap into place, and attach to your dog's harness. It can remain attached to your vehicle, reducing the time it takes to get your pup in and out of the car if he rides along frequently. Just remove from your dog's harness.

Our seat belts are lightweight and versatile. They feature a rock climbers carabiner clip with that holds up to 850 lbs of force tension.

Choose the size that best fits your pup based on height and weight. Because they're made from chew-proof braided metal, even the most avid of chewers won't break through!


**Safety Information and Warnings**

The Mighty Paw Safety Belt should be used with a vest harness for improved comfort and safety. This Safety Belt is to be used under human supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Always inspect the leash for any damage before EACH use. Do NOT use if damaged. Improper installation may result in pet becoming unrestrained during the operation of the vehicle. Mighty Paw cannot be held, in any situation, responsible for any harm (physical or mental) caused by the use (or improper use) of this product.




















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